Things to bring with you when traveling


- Take some medicines and medical equipment needed for the countryside. These include: cotton, bleaching, pain relief, candles (head and tooth pain), bowel movements, antibiotics, hypertension, allergic drugs, cholesterol, vomiting, analgesics and heat exchanger.

- Take your clothes warm enough. If you can get it out, you can drop off the clothes, but if you do not have clothes to wear, it will be cut short. And it does not mean that it rains and rains. Therefore, waterproof coat, leather, and water shoes are essential.

-If a baby goes with a baby, it does not get moisture in the pharmacies and there is a moisture-proof pad.

"There's hardly any countryside, no mosquitoes." Therefore, take anti-mosquito oils and protective mesh cap.

- Oil, sun hat.

-While it is possible to go to a water-bath, it is not a good idea to clean water if you are traveling with children. Keep in mind, however, that your bottled water should not be stored in the car at a time.

- When you go to the countryside, the dishwashing liquid will easily separate you from the damp and crisp oil bottles that have no cold water.

- Do not take GPS if you want to drive a car in order to avoid having to lose track of the roads in the countryside.

-Water from alcoholic disinfectant. If you can not wash your hands, this fluid can be used. They also forget about soap, shampoo, paste, face cleansing fluid, and facial oil.

- Match, flashlight.

- It's fun to hear a song and sing together. So check your soundcard.

If the gas stove is in operation, it is advisable not to keep the sun in the sun. Do not place a box directly on the sun.

- When you are shooting you should stop taking the number of people, especially the number of children each time you shoot. Adults can still sleep in the shade of the tree and play with children.

-If you have a long car, you have to make sure that you do not have anything to do with the car.

- The excess of drinking by people who travel is very dangerous to your life and health. Do not forget that if you go through a river, you do not have to drink too much, keep in mind the youngsters.

- Finally, do not scatter the trash if you want to stay where you go and where to go. When you arrive the next year, try to keep your child from rubbing and rebuilding when you want to keep your baby in the wild.